Braid Tutorial



I made a tutorial in Paper on how to draw braids and curls.


You can download the PDF here!

Have fun, and happy Sunday!


Fonts in Paper



I introduced the concept of “53 Fonts” a while ago, and I wanted to make a post dedicated to it. I plan to update this list in the future as I create more!

What is a “53 Font” or a  “Paper Font”?

A 53 Font is nothing more than a drawing of all the letters in the alphabet created in the app Paper.

Using Paper’s Cut tool, you can rearrange the letters in the font to create words, names, paragraphs — whatever you want. If you upload it to the Fifty Three community, other users will be able to access your 53 Font as well.

The 53 Font Series by Ray of Light

I have shared quite a few 53 fonts on Mix, and plan to create more!

1. Bananas

2. Stilts

3. Watercolor Letters

4. Doodle Letters

5. Modern Sans

6. Tiny Font: 1 and 2

7. Simple Hand Drawn Letters

8. Pink Serif Alphabet

ROL’s Recommendations

53 Fonts by fellow Paper Users

  1. Teal Alphabet by Jessica Soni
  2. Fancy Drop Caps by Dasha Kim
  3. Stilts in Pink by Grayce
  4. Floral Drop Caps by Sophia P.
  5. Shiny Letters by G. Scott Olson
  6. Funky Fill Letters by Rudy Chidiac
  7. Sketchnote Handwriting by Danya D. Smith
  8. Star Wars Alphabet Series by Mizuochi Daisuke

Share what you make with my Paper fonts in the Fifty Three Community and on social media! Also, feel free to drop by some suggestions for future fonts. Have fun creating!