I’m Taking Over 53’s Instagram Account!



I have the honor of being the featured artist to take over FiftyThree’s Instagram account this weekend! I’m super excited!

If you are on Instagram, follow @fiftythree to see what I share. You can also follow me @ray.of.light.design.

Stay tuned! During the takeover, I will be giving away one Pencil by 53 and one copy of my Hand Drawn Floral Fun Pack! I will also be posting artwork made with paper, as well as some inspiring tips and tutorials.

See you there!


Photo Import in Paper


At first I was hesitant about the new Paper feature of photo import, but it’s definitely grown on me. Thought I would shareĀ its potential with you guys.

Drawing Fashion

I enjoy importing a reference photo and drawing a look in my own style.

(Above) Kelly Dempsey’s look from Project Runway Finale.

(Below) Vintage look from Pinterest!


Some other artists drawing fashion in Paper are Cat K andĀ Jeong Dahaero.


Unique Blends of Art and Photography


I love exploring new ways to mix Paper doodles with photos! I recommend Kaye Sedgwick and 77neko for their creativeĀ “mixed-media” works.

Revamp your Real LifeĀ Drawings

This is, by far, my favorite thing about photo import. I can draw something, even just a rough pencil sketch, and then take a photo of it and finish it up in Paper. It’s a great way to finalize a drawing.






Hoping to share some more ideas soon. Happy Holidays!

Send a Holiday Card with Felt!


fiftythree-paper-felt-cards-display-2 shot-7Felt prints handwritten cards in your own penmanship: sealed, stamped, and mailed. It’s all from yourĀ iPad or iPhone. I’m a featured artist this season, and that means I’mĀ selling this design in their shop.


If you want to send a card…

  1. Get the Felt app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Select the card you like from the Felt store.
    1. You can also upload images and customize your card.
    2. If you like my design, you can find it under the menu option “Fifty Three.”
  3. Ā Fill out the insideĀ with either typing or your handwriting.
    1. You can also addĀ up to threeĀ printed photo squaresĀ to send.
  4. Fill out the envelope with theĀ addresses you want.
  5. Purchase your card!

Felt will print everythingĀ for you and mailĀ it, and forĀ the whole thing it’s the same price as buying a card at CVS.


So, send a card to all your friends and family!

ReadĀ more here.

Hand Sketched Floral Designs are now on my shop!


I’m excited to introduce you all to the latest product in my Creative Market shop!


I drew these designs in Paper by Fifty Three during Doodlefest, and then decided that they would make a great clip art pack, so here you are!

It comes with TONS of stuff. There’s overĀ 75 individual pieces!

Watermarked Overview Poster


The best part is that, if you have Illustrator or another vector program, you can mix and matchĀ theĀ pieces. It’s so much fun that I want you guys to test it out —Ā I’m giving out a free sample. If you like it, I hope you consider buyingĀ the full version!

Floral Designs Freebie Download

How to use:

Anyone who has a vector program can move around all the different shapes, change the colors, etc. The most common vector graphics software is probably Adobe Illustrator, but it’s an expensive subscription. Ā Inkscape is a free one. I don’t know enough about it, but it’s probably worth a try.

If you don’t have a vector program, it’s a .pdf, so you can still use it as clip art I guess. You just won’t get to experience the full potential of the product.

If you create something cool using any of my products, I invite you to share it on social media! Just rememberĀ to tag me.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Take a Peek at November Doodlefest


Last week, I announced that I would be hosting a drawing challenge this month, called Doodlefest, with prompts to draw every other day. We’ve gotten off to a great start! Here’s a look at what people are making.

#1 — Fall (11/1 and 11/2)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

#2 — Fox (11/3 and 11/4)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

#3 — Favorite Letter (11/5 and 11/6)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

#4 — Plants (11/7 and 11/8)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you guys of following along and creating all this beautiful stuff so far!

If you want to join in on the fun,Ā post your designs on Instagram and use #novemberdoodlefest. You can also remix this idea in Paper.

Introducing Doodlefest!


doodlefestI’m hosting a drawing challenge on Mix and Instagram this November, and you’re invited to follow along!

This is an experiment. I’m not the first to do one of these, but I designed mine to go at a slower pace. Instead of drawing everyday, there is a new prompt every other day, giving you two days to work on each piece.

You can interpret each prompt any way you like, and you don’t have to do all of them if you don’t want to.
If you’d like to participate on Instagram, simply post a photo of your work with #novemberdoodlefest and tag me, @ray.of.light.design.

If you want to participate on Mix, sign up here and then remix this idea for all of your drawings.

Have fun! I plan to feature my favorite Doodlefest drawings in a post at the end of the month.

Recent Artwork


I thought I’d share what I’ve been making lately in Paper.


tEDCxyXf77buNqmBtL0XLyC5CIvfi-gSQidsn7kU-OIB9Uqe EzIhhF70bQQK-y0OFTIdv3R4LJhlO4xLPZFBXFgHUYmjjtSP

Here is a zombie girl I drew for Halloween. One I colored, and the second one was left black and white so you can color it too.


My remix of Fifty Three’s giveaway! The prompt was that we had to draw our favorite Halloween treat, and the winners (selected by random draw) will win a gold 53 pencil!




ZrrNrgHTip6k9t2txeX8GIb46A5v6MauMwDxcgRHVVEFjw7g jrCB6t3tS-6KcMyt8nw1DboL8arSlAlDpoXtPmCinZjCkbTD

Top: Fan art for Project Runway’s Candice Cuoco!

Second: Real life art in the style of Jeffery Fulvimari.

Bottom: Remix ofĀ Robin B’s blue manta ray.


Doodling in Paper


MadeĀ this kitty above for National Cat Day on October 29.



This was a lot of fun to put together. It’s a sort of clip art collection I can use in Paper.


1K Followers on Paper!


Proud to say I hit 1K followers in Paper/Mix! Thank you guys!


Hand Lettering!

29URFoAzrR-L5S3vfVKw4uYWBjv4n3nOl78JTVoZu2D41Lp- AW6lVRx2cNtll1lnF3oT11P_t_ls45rLdNheyy8hnGzu44JvaLFMZJv1EmXuDyZLnd3Js6cBOHhWi76xDlpga0MN3VsAsv0y

The last one is some fan art I made for BB17 Contestant Johnny Mac.


Follow @ray.of.light.design on Instagram for all the latest creations made by me.

Happy Halloween!