Update: Lots of New Brushes!


I certainly have not posted in a long time… almost a year!

As 2017 comes to a close, I figured that it was about time I introduced you to the products I released this year…

Procreate Brush Set #1 — Refreshed and Updated

This is the new cover for my first Procreate brush set, updated in March 2017.

This was the first brush set I ever shared on Creative Market, but it proved to be popular and I decided that I would add a few extra brushes to the set and give the product a new look. If you purchased the set before March 2017 and haven’t updated yet, you can download the new brushes for free.


Procreate Brush Set #3 — A New Set of 7 Unique Lettering Brushes!

I released a new lettering brush set earlier this year called Procreate Brush Set 3! The brushes in this set are excellent for creating digital calligraphy and cool lettering effects.


Patterns: A Procreate Brush Set — Just Released Set of New Lettering Brushes and Pattern Stamps

Patterns is literally brand new… I just added it to Creative Market today! This set is different from my others because it includes awesome stamp brushes that allow you to decorate your Procreate canvas with cute patterns. It includes a total of 17 brushes — 11 are stamps, 6 are for lettering.

I hope you like my newest products and find them helpful assets to your Procreate brush collection!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year all! πŸ™‚


New Procreate Brush Pack: Flat Pen Set


I’ve got a new brush pack on Gumroad and Creative Market! This one has 6 brushes designed to mimic flat calligraphy pens (such as the Pilot Parallel Pen), perfect for Gothic/Blackletter, Roman, and Italic style lettering.

Flat Pen Calligraphy Set

Until November 1st (3 pm PST/6 pm EST) you can get $1.50 off this new lettering pack and my previous one when you enter the promo code scarycoolΒ at check-out on Gumroad. πŸ™‚

Hope to see you adding these procreate pens to your collection!

Happy Halloween!