All New Procreate Brushes are Here


I’m excited to introduce a brand new set of high-quality, custom-made Procreate lettering brushes as a follow-up to my first!

These brushes will be a great addition to your collection and make lettering a breeze. They are availible on Creative Market and Gumroad, and are designed for new and experienced iPad calligraphers alike!

Procreate Lettering Set 2

  1. ETHEREAL – This brush is super fun and addicting. It fades as you write, creating a cool variance in opacity.
  2. NEWSPRINT – This brush as a subtle gritty texture.
  3. OPAQUE BOLD – Create thick scripts and bold lettering designs.
  4. OPAQUE – This easy-to-use lettering brush is perfect for elegant calligraphy or funky messy lettering.

Hope to see you using these brushes and enjoying them!

Happy New Year! 🙂



Comics by Ray of Light & Tapastic



Hello! I am hoping to start a little webcomic series… I want to announce that I am now on Tapastic, where I will be posting my comics. And of course, I will also be sharing them on Instagram and Twitter as well. 🙂

Hope you enjoy #1!



I’m Taking Over 53’s Instagram Account!



I have the honor of being the featured artist to take over FiftyThree’s Instagram account this weekend! I’m super excited!

If you are on Instagram, follow @fiftythree to see what I share. You can also follow me

Stay tuned! During the takeover, I will be giving away one Pencil by 53 and one copy of my Hand Drawn Floral Fun Pack! I will also be posting artwork made with paper, as well as some inspiring tips and tutorials.

See you there!

New Products on my RedBubble Shop!



I added some new products to my shop on RedBubble!

Art Prints

  1. Pink Hair, Don’t Care!

2. Bloom Where You are Planted

3. Camera Girl

4. Sisters

5. Poncho Swag

6. Selfie

Phone Cases

1. Oh Snap

2. Floral Pattern

3. Springtime Print

Greeting Cards

1. Happy Birthday


2. You are Beautiful


3. Thank You!


4. Some Bunny Loves You


5. Happy Holidays

6. God Jul!

If you want to request a new product or are interested in a commission, feel free to talk to me via the contact page!

New Product! Location Pin Icon Pack


Introducing a new product to my Creative Market shop!


This icon collection includes an .eps file with eight unique pins and four styles: outline, fill, filled outline, and filled outline with shadows/highlights. It also comes with 16 hi-res transparent .pngs (1000×1000) of the outline and fill styles and a guide on the how to use the pack!


Send a Holiday Card with Felt!


fiftythree-paper-felt-cards-display-2 shot-7Felt prints handwritten cards in your own penmanship: sealed, stamped, and mailed. It’s all from your iPad or iPhone. I’m a featured artist this season, and that means I’m selling this design in their shop.


If you want to send a card…

  1. Get the Felt app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Select the card you like from the Felt store.
    1. You can also upload images and customize your card.
    2. If you like my design, you can find it under the menu option “Fifty Three.”
  3.  Fill out the inside with either typing or your handwriting.
    1. You can also add up to three printed photo squares to send.
  4. Fill out the envelope with the addresses you want.
  5. Purchase your card!

Felt will print everything for you and mail it, and for the whole thing it’s the same price as buying a card at CVS.


So, send a card to all your friends and family!

Read more here.