Fonts of the Month


It’s time for this month’s free fonts!

Fonts of the Month AprilHere’s what’s up with my picks for April:

  • Playlist, a fun, dry brush font. (It’s actually a set of 3 fonts, I only used the script one above!)
  • Lumberjack, a rugged typeface with four styles.
  • Stunning modern calligraphy font Aidan.
  • Sans serif Orkney.
  • Social Type is a font of social media and app icons, much like Socicon that I featured a while ago. However, this one has all of the icons in squares (lowercase) and circles (uppercase).

Happy Spring!


2 thoughts on “Fonts of the Month

  1. Kathy Kelly

    How do I download these colors and fonts to make use of them. They are wonderful. Thank you! Kathy 🎶🎨 Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow. ☀️


    • For the fonts, click on the links provided beneath the picture (look for the green text) and once you get to those sites there will be a way to download. For the colors you can download the picture (right click, save as) and use an eye dropper tool in whatever program you are using.


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