Send a Holiday Card with Felt!


fiftythree-paper-felt-cards-display-2 shot-7Felt prints handwritten cards in your own penmanship: sealed, stamped, and mailed. It’s all from your iPad or iPhone. I’m a featured artist this season, and that means I’m selling this design in their shop.


If you want to send a card…

  1. Get the Felt app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Select the card you like from the Felt store.
    1. You can also upload images and customize your card.
    2. If you like my design, you can find it under the menu option “Fifty Three.”
  3.  Fill out the inside with either typing or your handwriting.
    1. You can also add up to three printed photo squares to send.
  4. Fill out the envelope with the addresses you want.
  5. Purchase your card!

Felt will print everything for you and mail it, and for the whole thing it’s the same price as buying a card at CVS.


So, send a card to all your friends and family!

Read more here.


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