Free Online Gradient Resources



I’m loving the comeback of gradients, and found some great sites to inspire you to use them in your designs. This website has a small selection of carefully selected gradients. This site has a larger selection of gradients, and all of them are beautiful. This blog consists of gradients automatically generated by a computer, and is updated 48 times daily. So far, the archive has a total of 25,600 different gradients! However, not all of the gradients are attractive ones, being randomly generated. It’s not a gradient site, but it is my favorite color site and a very useful tool so I thought I would share it anyway. It’s like an encyclopedia for all things color, and it has a beautiful, easy to use design.


New Product! Bananas


A new font has arrived to the Ray of Light shop!

Photo Import in Paper


At first I was hesitant about the new Paper feature of photo import, but it’s definitely grown on me. Thought I would share its potential with you guys.

Drawing Fashion

I enjoy importing a reference photo and drawing a look in my own style.

(Above) Kelly Dempsey’s look from Project Runway Finale.

(Below) Vintage look from Pinterest!


Some other artists drawing fashion in Paper are Cat K and Jeong Dahaero.


Unique Blends of Art and Photography


I love exploring new ways to mix Paper doodles with photos! I recommend Kaye Sedgwick and 77neko for their creative “mixed-media” works.

Revamp your Real Life Drawings

This is, by far, my favorite thing about photo import. I can draw something, even just a rough pencil sketch, and then take a photo of it and finish it up in Paper. It’s a great way to finalize a drawing.






Hoping to share some more ideas soon. Happy Holidays!

New Product! Location Pin Icon Pack


Introducing a new product to my Creative Market shop!


This icon collection includes an .eps file with eight unique pins and four styles: outline, fill, filled outline, and filled outline with shadows/highlights. It also comes with 16 hi-res transparent .pngs (1000×1000) of the outline and fill styles and a guide on the how to use the pack!


Send a Holiday Card with Felt!


fiftythree-paper-felt-cards-display-2 shot-7Felt prints handwritten cards in your own penmanship: sealed, stamped, and mailed. It’s all from your iPad or iPhone. I’m a featured artist this season, and that means I’m selling this design in their shop.


If you want to send a card…

  1. Get the Felt app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Select the card you like from the Felt store.
    1. You can also upload images and customize your card.
    2. If you like my design, you can find it under the menu option “Fifty Three.”
  3.  Fill out the inside with either typing or your handwriting.
    1. You can also add up to three printed photo squares to send.
  4. Fill out the envelope with the addresses you want.
  5. Purchase your card!

Felt will print everything for you and mail it, and for the whole thing it’s the same price as buying a card at CVS.


So, send a card to all your friends and family!

Read more here.