Hand Sketched Floral Designs are now on my shop!


I’m excited to introduce you all to the latest product in my Creative Market shop!


I drew these designs in Paper by Fifty Three during Doodlefest, and then decided that they would make a great clip art pack, so here you are!

It comes with TONS of stuff. There’s over 75 individual pieces!

Watermarked Overview Poster


The best part is that, if you have Illustrator or another vector program, you can mix and match the pieces. It’s so much fun that I want you guys to test it out — I’m giving out a free sample. If you like it, I hope you consider buying the full version!

Floral Designs Freebie Download

How to use:

Anyone who has a vector program can move around all the different shapes, change the colors, etc. The most common vector graphics software is probably Adobe Illustrator, but it’s an expensive subscription.  Inkscape is a free one. I don’t know enough about it, but it’s probably worth a try.

If you don’t have a vector program, it’s a .pdf, so you can still use it as clip art I guess. You just won’t get to experience the full potential of the product.

If you create something cool using any of my products, I invite you to share it on social media! Just remember to tag me.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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