Recent Artwork


I thought I’d share what I’ve been making lately in Paper.


tEDCxyXf77buNqmBtL0XLyC5CIvfi-gSQidsn7kU-OIB9Uqe EzIhhF70bQQK-y0OFTIdv3R4LJhlO4xLPZFBXFgHUYmjjtSP

Here is a zombie girl I drew for Halloween. One I colored, and the second one was left black and white so you can color it too.


My remix of Fifty Three’s giveaway! The prompt was that we had to draw our favorite Halloween treat, and the winners (selected by random draw) will win a gold 53 pencil!




ZrrNrgHTip6k9t2txeX8GIb46A5v6MauMwDxcgRHVVEFjw7g jrCB6t3tS-6KcMyt8nw1DboL8arSlAlDpoXtPmCinZjCkbTD

Top: Fan art for Project Runway’s Candice Cuoco!

Second: Real life art in the style of Jeffery Fulvimari.

Bottom: Remix ofΒ Robin B’s blue manta ray.


Doodling in Paper


MadeΒ this kitty above for National Cat Day on October 29.



This was a lot of fun to put together. It’s a sort of clip art collection I can use in Paper.


1K Followers on Paper!


Proud to say I hit 1K followers in Paper/Mix! Thank you guys!


Hand Lettering!

29URFoAzrR-L5S3vfVKw4uYWBjv4n3nOl78JTVoZu2D41Lp- AW6lVRx2cNtll1lnF3oT11P_t_ls45rLdNheyy8hnGzu44JvaLFMZJv1EmXuDyZLnd3Js6cBOHhWi76xDlpga0MN3VsAsv0y

The last one is some fan art I made for BB17 Contestant Johnny Mac.


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Happy Halloween!


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