Watercolor in Paper


Even though I use Paper by Fifty Three for basically everything, I haven’t ever taken much time to explore techniques with the watercolor tool.

Paper tries to make its tools realistic, which is great. The watercolor tool bleeds and blends. When you draw lines and shapes with it, they have very rough edges (which I’ve actually never liked).

I realized that scissors tool, which is relatively new, opens up a whole new world of possibilities. I discovered a way to create Nicky Laatz style watercolor shapes. Here is my tutorial, which you can also find here on Mix.

Here are some shapes I made with this method. Remix this in PaperΒ and show me your ideas!


Overlapping Technique

I also found a cool way to make these watercolor shapes appear as if they are overlapping.


This (^) tutorial is here on Mix.



Watercolor Lettering

Ironically, it’s hard to create lettering that looks like watercolor with the watercolor brush tool. As it turns out, the Fill tool is the best for this style.

Got any ideas? Share your techniques in the comments below.



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