Fonts of the Month


It’s time for this month’s free fonts!

Here’s what’s up with October’s picks:

Serifina Medium — I stumbled upon this font via the Postman’s Knock and liked it immediately. The hand drawn serif letters are elegant, but also playful. I can see it as being a great inspiration for hand lettering as well.

Quicksand — I showcased four versions of Quicksand: Dash, Light, Regular, and Bold. The light and regular weights are beautiful and I love them. The dash is definitely cool, but I’m unsure how it could be used. I’m not a huge fan of the bold — the letters are too round and feel kind of preschool. It’s a great font overall.

Movus Brush Pen — So many people are spending money on brush calligraphy fonts without taking a look at the free options! Here is yet another. In my opinion, most brush calligraphy fonts look very similar and fonts like this one can easily replace the pricy ones down over at Creative Market.

Manifesto — I found this art deco font on Behance, and it’s definitely a new favorite.

Sofia — This script font looks like it has a lot of potential and I can also see it being useful as hand lettering inspiration.

That’s it for this month. What fonts are you using right now? Share in the comments below!

If you want to check out some of my previous featured fonts, visit posts with the tag “Fonts of the Month!”


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