Introducing Doodlefest!


doodlefestI’m hosting a drawing challenge on Mix and Instagram this November, and you’re invited to follow along!

This is an experiment. I’m not the first to do one of these, but I designed mine to go at a slower pace. Instead of drawing everyday, there is a new prompt every other day, giving you two days to work on each piece.

You can interpret each prompt any way you like, and you don’t have to do all of them if you don’t want to.
If you’d like to participate on Instagram, simply post a photo of your work with #novemberdoodlefest and tag me,

If you want to participate on Mix, sign up here and then remix this idea for all of your drawings.

Have fun! I plan to feature my favorite Doodlefest drawings in a post at the end of the month.


Recent Artwork


I thought I’d share what I’ve been making lately in Paper.


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Here is a zombie girl I drew for Halloween. One I colored, and the second one was left black and white so you can color it too.


My remix of Fifty Three’s giveaway! The prompt was that we had to draw our favorite Halloween treat, and the winners (selected by random draw) will win a gold 53 pencil!




ZrrNrgHTip6k9t2txeX8GIb46A5v6MauMwDxcgRHVVEFjw7g jrCB6t3tS-6KcMyt8nw1DboL8arSlAlDpoXtPmCinZjCkbTD

Top: Fan art for Project Runway’s Candice Cuoco!

Second: Real life art in the style of Jeffery Fulvimari.

Bottom: Remix of Robin B’s blue manta ray.


Doodling in Paper


Made this kitty above for National Cat Day on October 29.



This was a lot of fun to put together. It’s a sort of clip art collection I can use in Paper.


1K Followers on Paper!


Proud to say I hit 1K followers in Paper/Mix! Thank you guys!


Hand Lettering!

29URFoAzrR-L5S3vfVKw4uYWBjv4n3nOl78JTVoZu2D41Lp- AW6lVRx2cNtll1lnF3oT11P_t_ls45rLdNheyy8hnGzu44JvaLFMZJv1EmXuDyZLnd3Js6cBOHhWi76xDlpga0MN3VsAsv0y

The last one is some fan art I made for BB17 Contestant Johnny Mac.


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Happy Halloween!

Thank You Mix! ROL 2015 Slideshow


Ray of Light 2015 Slideshow

Here it is! I present to you all of the beautiful takes on Ray of Light, created by the Mix Community in Paper!

This was super fun. Big thanks to all those who submitted art!


(in no particular order)

Nicky Addrison
Arabella Notar Francesco
Lauren Y.
Elle Lazare
Emily K.
Cheese Baconhead
N. L.
Reynald Kurniawan
al L
Luna Lovegood
Hannah B
Sonali Patel
Chloe Morales
Sarah K.
Ally Barbella
Sanjana Rao
Jessica Johnson
Caitlin Chan
Hazel Levesque
Robin B.
Brandon Noble
Cecilia Casper
Dana L
Nellie the Melon
Marie A
Nathan Scharnick
Carmen Casper
Julia S                                                                                              Ivy

Watercolor in Paper


Even though I use Paper by Fifty Three for basically everything, I haven’t ever taken much time to explore techniques with the watercolor tool.

Paper tries to make its tools realistic, which is great. The watercolor tool bleeds and blends. When you draw lines and shapes with it, they have very rough edges (which I’ve actually never liked).

I realized that scissors tool, which is relatively new, opens up a whole new world of possibilities. I discovered a way to create Nicky Laatz style watercolor shapes. Here is my tutorial, which you can also find here on Mix.

Here are some shapes I made with this method. Remix this in Paper and show me your ideas!


Overlapping Technique

I also found a cool way to make these watercolor shapes appear as if they are overlapping.


This (^) tutorial is here on Mix.



Watercolor Lettering

Ironically, it’s hard to create lettering that looks like watercolor with the watercolor brush tool. As it turns out, the Fill tool is the best for this style.

Got any ideas? Share your techniques in the comments below.


Recent Artwork


Here’s a quick look at what I’ve been up to lately.

Below is a picture of some fonts I sketched on real paper. It’s how I practice my typography stuff.

   Above is some lettering I did in Paper, imitating a design by Old English Company.

This (above) is also inspired by Old English Company.
This is my remix of “Bombs No More.” You can make yours by remixing this.  

Here I drew some faces in Paper, based on this by Fears on Creative Market.

Here’s a little peek at what’s been going on in Mix. I had Mixers create their own rendition of “Ray of Light,” and I got over 50 submissions! Soon, I will be posting a slideshow featuring work by everyone. Stay tuned!

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Fonts of the Month


It’s time for this month’s free fonts!

Here’s what’s up with October’s picks:

Serifina Medium — I stumbled upon this font via the Postman’s Knock and liked it immediately. The hand drawn serif letters are elegant, but also playful. I can see it as being a great inspiration for hand lettering as well.

Quicksand — I showcased four versions of Quicksand: Dash, Light, Regular, and Bold. The light and regular weights are beautiful and I love them. The dash is definitely cool, but I’m unsure how it could be used. I’m not a huge fan of the bold — the letters are too round and feel kind of preschool. It’s a great font overall.

Movus Brush Pen — So many people are spending money on brush calligraphy fonts without taking a look at the free options! Here is yet another. In my opinion, most brush calligraphy fonts look very similar and fonts like this one can easily replace the pricy ones down over at Creative Market.

Manifesto — I found this art deco font on Behance, and it’s definitely a new favorite.

Sofia — This script font looks like it has a lot of potential and I can also see it being useful as hand lettering inspiration.

That’s it for this month. What fonts are you using right now? Share in the comments below!

If you want to check out some of my previous featured fonts, visit posts with the tag “Fonts of the Month!”