Recent Artwork: Making the Most Out of Paper 3.0


The Paper 3.0 Update may include some missteps, but even with the unpleasant changes, I still believe that it’s the best digital drawing app out there. Point being, it’s going to take a lot to stop me from using Paper.

The update’s biggest flaw is the way they rebuilt Mix.  Technically, the Mix service is not even called “Mix” anymore, but I don’t know what else to call it.  It’s not as fun as it used to be, but fortunately, there are still ways to remix and post ideas like before. While I’m extremely disappointed with their handling of of Mix, some new features in the update have opened up a whole new world of possibility. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

Fashion Design


Making use of the new photo import feature, I posted this cool template where you can design your own t-shirt. See it here on Mix.




I posted a tutorial on how to make a banner using Think Kit (I guess you could follow these steps in real life too, if you have a pencil, an eraser, and a straight edge.)



Photo import lets you share your real life drawings on Mix, and after sharing this one, another Mixer wanted to know how I drew the hair. I was inspired by Joanna Andersson’s tutorials, but here you can see what I did.




As a huge fan of Johanna Basford’s artwork, I placed a photo of a page from her book The Secret Garden into a new idea and traced/colored it with Paper’s tools. I then deleted the photo and was left with this. If you want to color it, it is here on Mix. One of my favorite Mixers, Robin B., kindly provided a lightened version of the image, which is easier to trace over.




Here is a remix by me of fellow mixer Letrait’s idea.


Exclusive Palettes

UczL-xRLrSTJoo-1vYavfUKiSe2mkUSYOeeJoF1ExujLbBIoHere are some fall-inspired palettes I created by another mixer’s request. I’ll probably add these as exclusives to Color Hex soon.


Font Talk

_Mk98mw1VQM64SFI5y11AymbHL8y7RqmusJ4DwGK9tAZCVuN-2Personally, I’m lovin’ the iOS 9 update — Apple traded in their system font, Helvetica, for San Francisco. I think it looks great. What do you think? Remix and vote!


Missing Mix


I still miss the old Mix, and so I decided to post a “Bring Back Mix Petition.” With over 200 remixes, I’m pretty sure a lot of creators are feeling the same way I do.


1K Remixes!

Name Examples

Before the update was released, I was actually very busy. In celebration of 1K remixes, I posted a free request form as a gift to my followers. I was a little afraid at first, because I’ve witnessed other Mixers get overwhelmed in the past. I received a lot more requests than I anticipated, but I also got around to fulfilling a lot more than I expected too, and actually had fun with it. What you see in this gif (above) is just a sampling — you can take a look at my profile and see the sixty names I hand lettered. Free requests are now closed, but if you want me to hand letter your name, commissions are always open! Check out the requests page.


Sketchnoting on Mix


Finally, I just wanted to spread the word that mixer Mauro  Toselli is creating a Sketchnote Workshop in Mix! Of course it’s free, and it sounds like a great idea. If you don’t know what Sketchnoting is or if you do and you’re a fan, you might want to join in! The ideas for the Workshop will be posted starting Monday, September 21. Stay tuned! In the future I plan on posting an article all about Sketchnotes.

If you have an iPad, give Paper a shot! It’s free!


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