Recent Artwork: Making the Most Out of Paper 3.0


The Paper 3.0 Update may include some missteps, but even with the unpleasant changes, I still believe that it’s the best digital drawing app out there. Point being,¬†it’s going to take a lot to stop me from using Paper.

The update’s biggest flaw is the way they¬†rebuilt¬†Mix. ¬†Technically, the Mix service is not even called “Mix” anymore, but I don’t know what else to call it. ¬†It’s not as fun as it used to be, but fortunately, there are¬†still ways to remix and post ideas like before. While I’m extremely disappointed with their¬†handling of of Mix, some¬†new features¬†in the update¬†have opened up a whole new world of possibility. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately:

Fashion Design


Making use of the new photo import feature, I posted this cool template where you can design your own t-shirt. See it here on Mix.




I posted a tutorial on how to make a banner using Think Kit (I guess you could follow these steps in real life too, if you have a pencil, an eraser, and a straight edge.)



Photo import lets you share your real life drawings on Mix, and after sharing this one, another Mixer wanted to know how I drew the hair. I was inspired by Joanna Andersson’s tutorials, but here you can see what I did.




As a huge fan of Johanna Basford’s¬†artwork, I placed a¬†photo of a page¬†from her book The Secret Garden¬†into a new idea and traced/colored it with Paper’s tools. I then deleted the photo and was left with this. If you want to color it, it is here on Mix. One of my favorite Mixers, Robin B., kindly provided a lightened version of the image, which is easier to trace over.




Here is a remix by me of fellow mixer Letrait’s idea.


Exclusive Palettes

UczL-xRLrSTJoo-1vYavfUKiSe2mkUSYOeeJoF1ExujLbBIoHere are some fall-inspired palettes I created by another mixer’s request. I’ll probably add these as exclusives to Color Hex soon.


Font Talk

_Mk98mw1VQM64SFI5y11AymbHL8y7RqmusJ4DwGK9tAZCVuN-2Personally, I’m lovin’¬†the iOS 9 update — Apple traded in their system font, Helvetica, for San Francisco. I think it looks great. What do you think? Remix and vote!


Missing Mix


I still miss the old Mix, and so I decided to post a “Bring Back Mix Petition.”¬†With over 200 remixes, I’m pretty sure a lot of creators are feeling the same way I do.


1K Remixes!

Name Examples

Before the update was released, I was actually very busy. In celebration of 1K remixes, I posted a free request form as a gift to my followers. I¬†was a little afraid at first, because¬†I’ve witnessed other Mixers get overwhelmed in the past. I received¬†a lot more requests than I anticipated, but I also got around to fulfilling a lot more than I expected too, and actually had fun with it. What you see in this gif (above) is just a sampling — you can take a look at my profile and see the sixty names I hand lettered. Free requests are now closed, but if you want me to hand letter your name, commissions are always open! Check out the requests page.


Sketchnoting on Mix


Finally, I just wanted to spread the word that mixer Mauro ¬†Toselli is creating a Sketchnote Workshop in Mix! Of course it’s free,¬†and it sounds like a great idea. If you don’t know what Sketchnoting is or if you do and you’re a fan, you might want to join in!¬†The ideas for the Workshop will be posted starting Monday, September 21.¬†Stay tuned! In the future I plan on posting an article all¬†about Sketchnotes.

If you have an iPad, give Paper a shot! It’s free!