Paper Tips and Tricks #2 — Lettering with Think Kit



If you visit my profile on Mix, you’ll notice that a lot of my ideas have to do with lettering and typography. Paper’s Think Kit makes drawing letters easier and more precise. I’ve been posting some tutorials on how to draw lowercase sans serif letters with Think Kit.

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If you have Paper by 53, you can remix these and try your hand at creating letters with Think Kit.

Here’s the links:

A, B, C, and D



Some of these methods should work pretty well in real world drawing too if you work with a circular template and a ruler.

It’s an easy process for most of the alphabet — the difficult letter is definitely S. In this idea on Mix, you can see that it is possible to make an s with Think Kit, but only if it’s big. A small letter s is basically impossible (this is because the diagram tool isn’t able to make perfect circles smaller than a certain size).

The image I featured at the top of this post is an entire sans-serif lowercase alphabet that I created in Paper. You can remix it here. You’ll notice my ‘s’ is a backwards ‘z’ (that’s because making a good-looking s was impossible and also because I thought it looked cool and futuristic).


My Other 53 Fonts

“53 Fonts”, as I like to call them, are simply drawings of the alphabet. Using the scissors tool, you can cut out the individual letters and spell words. So, 53 Fonts are lots of fun on Mix but basically pointless outside of it.

Here are a few more fonts that I posted to Mix (these I didn’t make with Think Kit).


This is my first 53 font. I designed it to serve as a basis for customization. If you trace or draw on the letters in another color, you can change the background to white and my letters will disappear.



This font was super tricky to make, but so worth it. You can write entire paragraphs because it’s small.



Here’s the 53 version of my first commercial font, Stilts! You can try it out, and then buy it as a standard font type here!

That’s all I’ve got for today. Check back soon for another installment to the Paper Tips and Tricks series!


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