I got excited when I noticed that the App store was featuring a collection called “For Designers.” It showcased 12 drawing apps, 13 design tools, and 12 apps for inspiration. There were definitely a few that I had never heard of or seen before, and that’s where I discovered Coolors.

I’m fascinated with colors and color palettes (as you may have seen with The Palette Project on Mix). I liked (but didn’t love) Adobe Color CC. The app creates color palettes from photos, so there’s a lot of tedious adjusting and stuff like that. It’s slow process and you can’t create any good color palettes if you don’t have any good photos.

Coolors knocks Adobe Color out of the park. It’s so much easier to use, and it’s fun. The only drawback is that it costs $0.99 (while Color is free).

To create a color palette, simply tap generate.

IMG_4991 IMG_4990 IMG_4989

You can adjust the color values if you want, or you can lock a color and generate palettes to match.

IMG_4993 IMG_4992 IMG_4995

Once you’re satisfied, you can save and share with the click of a button. Coolors is also available as an extension in Illustrator and Photoshop.

You can try out the generator here for free!

Here are some palettes I created:

Color Palettes August

This marks the beginning of Colors of the Month! Every month I plan to share 5 new color palettes that I created with Coolors.

*Update* 8/29/15: If you want to use these palettes in Paper by 53, I posted them to Mix!


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