Fonts of the Month


It’s time for this month’s free fonts!


Here’s what’s up with this month’s choices:

Socicon — I’m usually not interested in dingbat fonts, but Socicon is a collection of social media icons which makes it really useful. And it’s free, so I just think it’s the kind of thing everyone should have. (In the example above, the icons are from Socicon but the word is in Helvetica Neue Condensed.)

Ailerons — I found this font recently and I don’t know, I just think it’s really cool. It has the vintage airplane feel, but at the same time, it looks futuristic. It’s great for titles, and the numbers are really cool too.

Sacramento — It’s already pretty popular, but I couldn’t resist featuring it this month! It’s my favorite script font. I want my real life cursive to look like that. I love how curvy and loopy each letter is, and how the capitals are big.

Besom 2 — Watercolor and brush lettering are trending, and that means that designers want to take advantage of that and charge for their brush fonts. Besom 2 is the best free one I’ve found.

Basic Title Font — The font is pretty simple, but I like it! I’m a fan of simple sanserif fonts, and I recently found this one to add to my collection.

That’s it for this month. What fonts are you using right now? Share in the comments below!


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