Fonts of the Month


I’m picky about a lot of things, and fonts are one of them. There are so many ugly and abused fonts out there (don’t worry, I’ll be doing a post all about them soon), so for me there’s nothing more refreshing than discovering a new font that I love. This post marks the beginning of “Fonts of the Month.” I will be featuring five free fonts every time.

Here’s a little background on this month’s choices:

Cyclo — When it comes to fonts, sanserif is easily my favorite kind. I chose to feature cyclo because I just love the futuristic aesthetic. The letters are all very round and each one is interestingly shaped. It’s only suited for limited uses, such as titles or logo design, but it’s a fun font to have on your computer.

Sugarcubes — I used to say that I wasn’t a fan of serif. Sugarcubes changed all that for me. It manages to look minimalist while being serif, and it’s a very versatile font. It works for titles as well as body text.

Sweet Pea — There are so many handwritten “faux calligraphy” type fonts on Creative Market these days. It’s a very trendy look right now, so a not a lot of designers are making theirs available for free. Sweet Pea is one of the few ones that is, and it’s a great font. It’s by Sweet Type, and if you search them up on you’ll find that she has a few other nice handwritten free fonts.

Abril Fatface — I see this font all the time on Pinterest and I was glad when I found out it was free. It has a lot of potential for design and I just find it to be inspirational. It’s almost like a Times New Roman that looks good.

Liquido — Fonts can be art, so I wanted to feature a font that was more along those lines. Liquido looks like a typical long sanserif font (like Bebas Neue or something), but it has this weird wave running through all the letters, which creates a clever optical illusion. The one I showed is the fluid version, but it also comes with a regular that doesn’t have the wave in it. It’s such a cool font and it’s free so I just had to feature it!

If you’re a font lover like me, you can discover a lot of cool fonts through Pinterest. However, people do pin some pretty ugly fonts, so use your judgement.

What’s your favorite font? Tell me in the comments below!


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