The confusing thing about erasers is that they’re all supposed to do the same thing. I mean, with pens or markers, there’s lots of different kinds and some are specialized for different purposes. Not really the case with erasers. The only thing they are used for is removing pencil marks. Yet, there are so many erasers and only a few stand out from the crowd.

I’ve tried a lot. I’ve always been determined to find the absolute best one, and even once I’ve found one that I love, I’m still convinced that there’s a better one out there. A long time ago, my “best-ever” erasers were this one and then this one, but after a lot of time to experiment and experience other kinds, I don’t think very highly of them any more.

Here are the two erasers that I have currently decided* are the best:

Caran d’Ache Technik eraser — I found this at Blick and it is the eraser I use the most. It’s a non-abrasive plastic eraser, so if I’m erasing pencil lines from an image I traced with ink, it does not erase the ink. It is very smooth and fun to use. The main setback with it is a bizarre chemical reaction that happens with most plastic erasers. If the eraser is near plastic (in a pencil case, for example), the eraser will stick to it and “melt” the plastic. So I keep this eraser away from anything it can melt. That means if you want to store your eraser with, say, plastic office supplies or in a plastic box, it will melt it and ruin it.

Hello Kitty erasers — I know this sounds super weird, because it’s not like an eraser should be good just because it has a character on it. I don’t know why, but for some strange reason the best Japanese erasers are always white block erasers with Hello Kitty wrapping. They may look the same as those Hi-Polymer Pentel ones, but these are way better. I wish there was a specific brand who made these, but there isn’t. They are just these random Japanese Hello Kitty erasers, and they’re hard to find. They are plastic erasers, I’m pretty sure, and I guess you could say they feel “gummy.” They are very similar to the Caran d’Ache eraser, only I like these a little more. In my experience, these do not melt plastic. I have regarded them as the perfect eraser, except for the fact that they are hard to find. You can usually find them in an Asian store. These domo and angry birds erasers look similar, so it might not be limited to just Hello Kitty.

As for the worst eraser I’ve ever used, there are a lot of bad erasers. There’s those kind (they’re usually the erasers on the ends of cheap pencils) that actually add marks to the page instead of erase. I guess the absolute worst are these Lalaloopsy erasers. I don’t know why I had them but all I can say is that are they are the worst erasers ever. And on Amazon they’re $6! They were so unbelievably bad that it was like erasing with a water bottle or a phone case or something. You almost have to try them just to experience it the badness.

What’s your favorite eraser? Say what you think in the comments below!

*As I already said, I change my mind so if I find a better eraser in the future, I will update my list.


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